The Estell Group LLC - Sourcing Profit

Supporting OEMs with quality sources of engineered castings, machined components and assemblies that allow you to profitably and effectively serve your markets.  Building long term partnerships that optimize throughput and your bottom line.  That’s sourcing profit.

  • Gray & ductile iron sand castings from ounces to 10,000 lb.
  • Aluminum alloy castings (die cast, gravity permanent mold, investment and sand)
  • Copper alloy castings (gravity permanent mold, investment and sand)
  • Steel and stainless steel investment castings
  • Steel forgings up to 30 lb.
  • Babbitt: Tin and lead based
  • Machined castings in (virtually) all sizes and volumes
  • Machined components & assemblies utilizing:

o        CNC turning to 54 inch ODs (horizontal)

o        CNC horizontal bars

o        CNC machining centers (vertical & horizontal)

o        Swiss-style turning complete with secondary operations

o        CNC turning with live tooling for secondary operations

Providing component manufacturers and assembly operations unique and transparent options to optimize scrap metal value and profit opportunities.  Supporting profitable molten metal production with qualified melting materials.  Sourcing profit for your business through appropriate valuation and recycling of:

  • Low nickel steel turnings
  • Stainless steels
  • High temperature alloys
  • Flame, HVOF, & plasma spray residues
  • Tungsten alloys
  • Babbitt turnings and residues