Representing a wide range of machining capabilities, options available from TEG partners span volumes from prototype to tens of thousands. Simple shaft work to complex multi-axis housings with challenging validation processes are available, along with complete project management services. Examples include:

  • Automotive & truck components such as:
    • Supercharger housing assemblies with demanding clearances and shaft/bearing tolerances.
    • Air manifolds.
    • Diesel air shut-off valves.
    • Hydraulic valves providing split second drive train control.
    • Structural components.
  • Swiss CNC turning & screw machine parts serving the medical device industry.
  • Parallel shaft and intersecting axis gear boxes/planet carriers used for industrial, wind turbines and power generation applications. 
  • Drive components for agricultural and construction machinery.
  • Solar energy drive system components (heliostat position control).
  • Industrial speed reducer components, including gear blanks, motor adaptors, housings, flanges, etc.


Machining envelopes range from less than 6mm diameter shafts to gear box housings up to 2.5 X 3 meters square.  CNC machining capabilities available from companies represented by The Estell Group include:


  • Swiss style Citizen & Jinfa lathes with multi-axis capabilities, turning up to 16 mm bar.
  • Horizontal CNC capacity up to 20 inch diameters, twin and single spindles, standard and live tooling lathes.
  • Vertical CNC capability up to 54 inch diameters, twin and single spindles.
  • Various bar feed and chucking options.


Horizontal Machining Centers (single & multi-pallet, up to 5 axes):

  • 500 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 1200 mm
  • 6000 X 2000 mm horizontal bar machines


Vertical Machining Centers:

  • 400 X 500 mm
  • 450 X 500 mm
  • 500 X 750 mm
  • 500 X 1000 mm
  • 550 X 1250 mm
  • 4th axis available


Water Jet Cutting

Assembly Services

Wet Paint Capabilities

Total Project Management