Permanent Mold Gravity Chill Castings

Kupral S.p.a. utilizes automated chill casting machines for production of high quality aluminum and bronze components.  Aluminum castings to 50 kg and bronze castings to 100 kg.  TS16949 Certified, serving a variety of automotive and industrial markets. 

Permanent mold casting offers high dimensional stability/repeatability, consistent surface finishes, fast cooling rates for superior material properties, and molds which can form parts from multiple axes.  This allows more productive assembly operations, better fit in constrained package conditions, and design flexibility utilizing a variety of permanent mold and coring technologies.

Click links to see video of  automated pouring aluminum castings and chill cast bronze composite gear blanks.

With automotive, agricultural and industrial power equipment markets served in aluminum, Kupral also is one of the world's most prolific producers of bronze worm gear blanks, manufacturing up to 10,000 gears daily, with roughly 70% sold machined complete and ready to hob.