Sand Castings

Foundries represented by The Estell Group offer a variety of sand casting processes, based on material required, volume and complexity of parts produced.

The Estell Group proudly represents Aarrowcast Inc, AFK Corporation, AFW Foundry, and Belgen Soucy Inc.

Aarrowcast Inc produces nearly 100,000,000 lbs. of grey, ductile and austempered ductile iron each year.  Typically higher volumes and larger castings - from 20 to 3000 lb.  North America’s largest automated green sand molding line, with a flask size of 85” x 60” x 20/20.  Internal isocure core making, producing quality cores in a variety of sizes.  ISO 9001 Certified. 


AFK Corp: Gray, ductile and austempered ductile iron castings from ounce to 350 lbs.  They have full core capabilities (shell, isocure, oil), and provide machining services through an in-house machine shop, as well as outside machining partners.  Automated molding with 16” x 20” flask size, cope and drag molding to 30 x 32” flask, jolt-squeeze molding also available.  Short to medium volume specialists.


AFW Foundry offers aluminum, brass, bronze, and zinc alloy sand castings.  Molding process range from highly automated Disa molding and pouring to air set molding with a virtually unlimited size range.  Squeezer and cope and drag molding systems available as well.  Aluminum castings from ounces to more than 400 lb.  ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 


Belgen Soucy Inc pours grey and ductile iron both automated green sand molding 20” x 26” flask and air set molding to 10,000 lb.  ISO 9001:2008 Certified.  With strong technical expertise, Belgen serves demanding applications in the wind energy, defense , mining and a wide variety of industrial markets.