Metal Recycling

Behr Metals produces and recycles a full line of high quality babbitt alloys.  #2 tin babbitt is always in stock, typically available in ingot, notch bar, and wire  forms.  They specialize in processing turnings, drosses, and skimmings, offering babbitt bearing manufacturers top value for waste material.



Generation 4 Recycling Group is a metals brokerage serving generators and processors of various high value materials. Particularly adept at locating high value end markets for:

  • Low nickel steel turnings
  • Stainless steels
  • High temperature alloys (nickel, titanium, cobalt, and others)
  • Flame, HVOF, and plasma spray residues
  • Tungsten alloys
  • Grinding residues, punchings, solids, etc.

With expertise founded on four generations of recycling industry experience, knowledge and relationships. Gn4 Group helps generators optimize value and provides buyers competitive pricing.  By stripping layers out of the traditional scrap metals market structure, value -- and profit -- are generated for all participants.  A better process, low overhead, transparent information, and honest dealing build partnerships that strengthen your bottom line.